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Himalayan Bird Park

  • Shimla, the capital city of the Himachal Pradesh State is gifted with many blissful things by the Mother Nature. Most of the places of this beautiful city offer amazing scenic beauty and ample chances of watching wildlife in their natural habitat. Shimla boasts many sanctuaries and nature parks and each one of them houses varieties of flora and fauna and many of them are of rare species. The Himalayan Bird Park Shimla is a perfect treat for the bird lovers.

    The huge collection of common and some of the rare species of birds have made this place one of the most sought after tourist spots of Shimla especially for the nature lovers. Visitors could get to see some exclusive Himalayan birds that are not to be seen anywhere else.

    This park is commonly known as the Himalayan Aviary. Being a famous aviary of India, having location at an altitude of 2000 m, this nature park is visited by thousands of visitors as well as locals. The park has numerous types of plants and trees and the entire atmosphere is very calm and soothing for the visitors of all types. Visitors mostly come here to look at the collection of pheasants, peacocks, peafowl etc. The Himalayan Monals found in this aviary is the main attraction for the visitors. The Himalayan Monal is the state bird of Himachal Pradesh.